[rt-devel] Recreation of Requests

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Tue Jul 25 12:26:10 EDT 2000

RT does a FORM POST to send the data to the server. 
If you relaod the create-a-ticket page, you're going to
see that behavior. I've got some ideas for how to guard against
users doing this in the future...

On Tue, Jul 25, 2000 at 06:11:45PM +0200, Michael Moellney wrote:
> Hi!
> Sorry if this is a known bug...
> Under webrt, after creating a new request, you get the just created
> request shown.
> When using the reload button in Netscape in this situation you create
> the same request again with a new Request-Number.
> This mustn't happen..
> Thanks for your work!
> Michael
> ps: please keep the work on the mail-frontend up. Some real hacker
> admins try only to use this (they don't like netscape...).
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