[rt-devel] another Makefile bug

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Mon Jun 5 17:11:16 EDT 2000

> > Hm ... what do you mean "Put it into RT"?  If you mean "send patches",
> > then that might be a good idea :)  Also, minor bugfixes might be sent to
> > me instead of the list.
> >
> presumably the bugs queue.

Actually I will deal with small bugreports and attached patches if they
come directly to me.  More complex bugs (without applied patches) should
be sent to the bug queue at rt20 at fsck.com.

> > Hm.  I just got a mail from another person that said he couldn't get the
> > webmux.pl to work (httpd just died on him when the perlhandler was
> > installed).  I'm running FCGI instead of perl_mod myself, so I don't know
> > much.
> >
> He should look in the !!RT_LOGFILE!! that was created. I'd put money on it
> being the Mail::addrlist bug.

No, he had already dealt with that...

That's another really weird bug that I haven't managed to reproduce.  When
starting up RT2, it complains that it can't find Mail::Field::addrlist and
Mail::Field::date - while Mail::Field::AddrList and Mail::Field::Date
exists.  The problem vanishes when some symlinks are made at the right
place.  I absolutely haven't found out why this happens, and I haven't
managed to get a stack trace which made any sense.  I've even scanned the
whole RT + DBIx + site_perl after 'addrlist' without finding anything at

The only thing that is certain is that this bug was introduced when I
started using Log::Dispatch.  But Log::Dispatch passes it's test suite ...
so I really don't know where and how to look...

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