[rt-devel] another Makefile bug

Michael mike at westphila.net
Mon Jun 5 17:25:44 EDT 2000

>>  And so i says to him|her.. 

> Actually I will deal with small bugreports and attached patches if they
> come directly to me.  More complex bugs (without applied patches) should
> be sent to the bug queue at rt20 at fsck.com.

Gotcha.  'Put it in RT' is what folks are always saying around here .
Or perhaps thats what i tell them when they come to me with scraps
of paper with issues written on them;)

> > > Hm.  I just got a mail from another person that said he couldn't get the
> > > webmux.pl to work (httpd just died on him when the perlhandler was
> > > installed).  I'm running FCGI instead of perl_mod myself, so I don't know
> > > much.

I'm curious, is mod_perl the preferred platform, or can i get away
with running it in plain old CGI mode?  I was using rtmux.pl to
begin with because 'make install' created a symlink from rtmux.pl
to webrt.cgi, so i assumed that was what i was to be using..

> That's another really weird bug that I haven't managed to reproduce.  When
> starting up RT2, it complains that it can't find Mail::Field::addrlist and
> Mail::Field::date - while Mail::Field::AddrList and Mail::Field::Date
> exists.  The problem vanishes when some symlinks are made at the right
> place.  I absolutely haven't found out why this happens, and I haven't
> managed to get a stack trace which made any sense.  I've even scanned the
> whole RT + DBIx + site_perl after 'addrlist' without finding anything at
> all!

I just did some quick searching of my own in my perl tree.
I haven't come up with anything yet.



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