[rt-devel] another Makefile bug

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Tue Jun 6 04:10:26 EDT 2000

> > Actually I will deal with small bugreports and attached patches if they
> > come directly to me.  More complex bugs (without applied patches) should
> > be sent to the bug queue at rt20 at fsck.com.
> Gotcha.  'Put it in RT' is what folks are always saying around here .
> Or perhaps thats what i tell them when they come to me with scraps
> of paper with issues written on them;)

Heh, while RT1 might be good enough for the support dept, it's not good
enough for me :)  One of the most essential things (which will be dealt
with in RT2) is that it doesn't support attachments.  Because of
linebreaks and so on, it's usually a lot easier to get patches as

> > > > Hm.  I just got a mail from another person that said he couldn't get the
> > > > webmux.pl to work (httpd just died on him when the perlhandler was
> > > > installed).  I'm running FCGI instead of perl_mod myself, so I don't know
> > > > much.
> I'm curious, is mod_perl the preferred platform, or can i get away
> with running it in plain old CGI mode?

You can get away with plain, old CGI, but it will go quite slowly.
Unfortunately, we have _a lot_ of overhead in the object oriented approach
as for now - we hope we can optimize it a bit.

It's really not that hard to install FCGI.  I don't like mod_perl much, it
seems to me that it has this tendency of letting the httpd die with a
segfault and no explanation whatsoever what's wrong with itself nor the
perl code.

> I was using rtmux.pl to
> begin with because 'make install' created a symlink from rtmux.pl
> to webrt.cgi, so i assumed that was what i was to be using..

Did you ever read the README? :)

> > That's another really weird bug that I haven't managed to reproduce.

...eh, I have managed to reproduce it, just not pinpoint it :)  The perl
5.6.0 debugger seems instable, and it never managed to give me a stack
trace which made sense.  It also seems to do a lot of weird things
(with a lot of weird warnings) during cleanup.  So my advice to
everybody: Don't install perl 5.6.0!

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are
 cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."
- Bertrand Russell

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