[rt-devel] another Makefile bug

Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH allbery at ece.cmu.edu
Tue Jun 6 04:41:20 EDT 2000

On 06/06/00 00:11:16 +0200 Tobias Brox <tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com> wrote:

| > > Hm ... what do you mean "Put it into RT"?  If you mean "send patches",
| > > then that might be a good idea :)  Also, minor bugfixes might be sent
| to > > me instead of the list.
| > >
| > presumably the bugs queue.
| Actually I will deal with small bugreports and attached patches if they
| come directly to me.  More complex bugs (without applied patches) should
| be sent to the bug queue at rt20 at fsck.com.
| > > Hm.  I just got a mail from another person that said he couldn't get
| the > > webmux.pl to work (httpd just died on him when the perlhandler was
| > > installed).  I'm running FCGI instead of perl_mod myself, so I don't
| know > > much.
| > >
| >
| > He should look in the !!RT_LOGFILE!! that was created. I'd put money on
| it > being the Mail::addrlist bug.
| No, he had already dealt with that...
| That's another really weird bug that I haven't managed to reproduce.  When
| starting up RT2, it complains that it can't find Mail::Field::addrlist and
| Mail::Field::date - while Mail::Field::AddrList and Mail::Field::Date
| exists.  The problem vanishes when some symlinks are made at the right
| place.  I absolutely haven't found out why this happens, and I haven't
| managed to get a stack trace which made any sense.  I've even scanned the
| whole RT + DBIx + site_perl after 'addrlist' without finding anything at
| all!
| The only thing that is certain is that this bug was introduced when I
| started using Log::Dispatch.  But Log::Dispatch passes it's test suite ...
| so I really don't know where and how to look...

Mail::Field is broken.  The stack trace is useless because it's obscured by 
an AUTOLOAD routine which automagically loads the appropriate 
Mail::Field::* "subclass"; said AUTOLOAD does a ucfirst, but should be 
doing an lc (or the files should be renamed...).

(The documentation matches Mail::Field::_header_pkg_name, so I conclude 
that the *.pm files are misnamed.)

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