[rt-devel] Date/Kronos..

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Fri Jun 9 14:09:38 EDT 2000

> Tobias, I hate to bring it up, but would it be possible for you and Jesse
> to pick either CGI or mod_peril,

No.  The release should be platform independent - and we're using
HTML::Mason which really is mod_perl-geared, so it would be wrong not to
choose mod_perl for those that are already using mod_perl.  And a plain
.cgi version will just be too slow.  Well, Jesse has mentionated that we
might reorganize it into a server/client version.  I'll probably have to
develop a running "RT server" here anyway, as it should be possible to
create RT tickets directly from our game clients.

> so that those of us willing to help out
> can work a little more effectively?

I don't think it will hinder the efficiency that much.  Certainly, there
are a lot of troubles with the Apache setup, but except for that I expect
most of the troubles with the current RT2 to be elsewhere (and not in the 
bin/ directory).

> Is the 'official' development platform
> mod_perl + 5.003?

I'd daresay the official platform is mysql + apache + mod_perl + the last
perl before 5.6.0 (wasn't that 5.005?).  I'm using perl 5.6.0 and fcgi. :)

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