[rt-devel] RT on NT

Ken McIntosh ken at is.bc.ca
Mon Jun 19 18:55:23 EDT 2000


I just came across your RT software site while doing some research on email 
queuing systems for trouble ticketing and support systems.  The RT 
functionality looks very good and you appear to have a following!  I have a 
couple of questions:

1. I'm looking for an NT-based solution. Yours looks to be primarily 
UNIX-based. Does it run on NT and, if so, what are the NT-specific software 

2. Is RT a commercial package, or open-source, or freeware, or shareware, 
etc.? If its not a commercial package, do you have plans for 
commercialization? Are there any costs involved? How well-supported is it? 
Is it used in very many commercial production applications right now and, 
if so, how many? Essentially, I'd like to know more about the strength of 
the organization behind RT, and the scope of current users.

3.  This may not be a fair question, but if RT is not suitable for NT, are 
you aware of other good packages for NT that I should check out?

Thanks - Ken

Ken McIntosh
Inform Systems Limited

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