[rt-devel] RT on NT

Ken McIntosh kmcintosh at vlei.com
Tue Jun 20 18:47:58 EDT 2000

Jesse & Jan:

Thanks for the quick responses. I'm going to look at the RT functionality 
more closely. I assume its written in Perl, and we might be interested in 
making it work on NT with SQL Server. We already use Perl extensively on 
NT, along with the ODBC interface. And, yes the Active Perl distribution 
for NT is available from www.activestate.com right here in Vancouver.

Regards - Ken

At 00/06/21, Jan Pompe wrote:

>On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Jesse wrote:
> > RT is freeware. It' released under the GNU GPL. As far as I know
>, nopbody' ever ported it to NT, but it might be doable.
>Last year I had NT talking quite civilly to a Unify database using
>Perl and while I was at it wrote some admin utilities, using Perl,
>for an MSSQL database for the office manager where I worked. I can see
>no reason why it can't be ported. "Active Perl" as I recall it is
>distributed with an ODBC module that could (and did) prove useful.

Ken McIntosh
Inform Systems Limited

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