[rt-devel] RealTracker - ideas

Lasse Hedegaard laxxe at fergusons.dk
Wed Mar 1 12:16:49 EST 2000

>Request Tracker.  We'll hope to have the next version released in the end
>of June, but a workable version for the elite hackers should be available
>already at the 18th of March according to our ambitious time scheduele.
>This version will handle MIME attachments and quoted-unreadable perfectly.
>I think it will simply work, even with Chinese signs - but at least for
>ISO-8859-1, which is used in most of Europe and Scandinavia.

Sounds great!

Well, a little suggestion more:
Sometimes our queue is very long, it would be nice if the page at top could 
tell how many mails in the queue.

Is there an announce-mailinglist - so I can get the new version as soon as 
it's ready? :-)


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