[rt-devel] Re: [rt-users] Some features I'd like to see

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Fri Mar 17 04:02:20 EST 2000

>   #1) Keystone has a nice feature that allows you to automatically mail
>   different FAQ responses out to a customer.  I find myself typing the same
>   responses over and over, and it'd be a real time saver to have some sort of
>   faq database to send via a button.

We already have this feature in our 1.0 version which we run locally at
this office.  I will of course priority this, as we can't merge to the
next version of RT before this behavoir works.

> I remember someone posting patches to add signtaures.

Yep, we have that, too :)

> What I typically do with these complaints is merge them into one
> ticket.  I'd love to be able to send out one reply when the
> situation is resolved and not have all the complaintants email
> addresses be in the To: line.  People get sensitive about that. 

> Quite rightly too. 

I guess Jesse has already mentionated the hierarchy idea he has, but I
don't think we've thought much about how to deal with the to-line.  There
are two possibilities as I see it, sending one mail for each requestor, or
sending a mail with a fake to-line and all addresses at the bcc-line.
What do you preffer?

> I patched our local server to send mail using the smtpsend method of
> Net::Mail (not sure of those details, but you'll get the picture).

Mail::Internet, I'd daresay - and those patches are used by me, now.

> The
> recipient list then didn't appear in either the To: headers.  I seem to
> remember that some others didnt like the idea of using SMTP mail (concerns
> about availability).

Right on.  Actually I do have problems with this.  I daily get RT errors
because it can't send mail ... it either times out or gets rejected by the
mail server for different reasons (i.e. my load suddently rose to 12 as an
nfs server fell out - and sendmail denied receiving email.  Well, I will
eventually move RT to a server without nfs-mounted file systems, but
anyway..).  Increasing the timeout setting is not an option ... the web
user will often have to wait for the timeout.  It's better to get a
bounce, I think.

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