[rt-devel] Re: [rt-commit] CVS commit: rt

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Wed Mar 22 14:41:21 EST 2000

> It would mean that whenever that entry in Watchers matches the current
> transaction, the NotifyWatchers.pm action

You never told about NotifyWatchers.pm, but it might be a good idea.
Though I'm not sure about it.

> would send mail to the watcher's email 
> address with the template listed in the watchers table.

Regardless of which transaction is beeing done?  Might be a good idea.
Then NotifyWatchers clearly need to be narrowed to only Bcc and Cc
watchers.  Anyway, different templates might be wishable for different
transaction types...as the defaults I've putted in, they're related to the
different transaction types, rather than personal preferences.

> This can be done but only via scrips.

Today we have three levels of subscription; "All transactions", "comments
and correspondence" and "correspondence only".  I think it should be
very easy to keep those three levels (at an individual level) and still
possible to add flexibility.  I can't see any good ways to fix this with
the current design ideas ... maybe with the exception of adding a field
for transaction type to the watchers.

I fear that both scrips and watchers might be filled up with really a lot
of almost similar entries if we add too many fields to those tables.
Particularly I think it will be a Wrong Thing To Do to duplicate the
description field in the Scrips.  Moving things out and into new tables
might be a solution.

> > transaction - how do I turn it off?
> > 
> > ...sorry, you can't.
> > 
> Your RT administrator can change the scrips for your queue.
> Lets not completely overhaul scrips for 2.0.  We can do the cool stuff 
> with order-of-evaluation, etc for 2.1

Okay, okay ... let's try to Keep It Simple Stupid and cut corners where
possible.  Those who need more functionality can always manage to get it
hacked in locally.  Anyway, I think we _must_ provide the features that
are available in 1.0.  There it's possible at queue level to indicate if
an owner is to be mailed or not.  Okay, okay, it can be done from the
Scrips table.  Never mind :)

> Like I said above, lets leave this for 2.1. It's not ideal, but I want
> to get 2.0 out by june

Yeah ... but remember, we also need a functionable admin tool until then. 
And it must be easy to use for those who are familiar with 1.0.

Well, what the hell ... just let people add and remove the default scrips
at a queue level.

Hm, that is a thought - I think the Right Thing To Do would be to
extract the queue from Scrips to a new table which only links queues and
scrips.  It would be quite straight forward to fix this, and it would be
quite straight forward for an admin tool to add and remove scrips for

> > I'm subscribing to queue 2, but I don't want to receive activity on ticket
> > #456.  Can I turn it off?
> > 
> > No.
> > 
> > /* What about letting one Quiet Watcher item turn off an active watcher
> > item? */
> > 
> No fundamental objection, but lets leave this for now. 

*nod*.  Cool feature thought for 2.1.

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