[rt-devel] Reworking subscriptions

Jesse jesse at pallas.eruditorum.org
Wed Mar 22 18:19:40 EST 2000

Ok.I've taken tobias' suggested interim hack for subscriptions and embellished it a bit

Here's how the proposed solution will work:

Scrips will contain a list of all scrips available within the RT instance. Examples include:

'Autoreply','Sends an automatic response to the requestor when a ticket was created'
'TellOwnerOnTransaction','Sends mail to owner when anything happens'
'TellMembersOnMail','Sends mail to interessted parties when email comes in'
'MailComments','Sends mail to interessted parties upon a comment'
'NotifyWatchersOnCorrespond', 'Send mail to watchers whenever correspondence comes in'
'NotifyAdminWatchersOnTrans',	'Send email to all applicable administrative watchers on every transaction'
'NotifyWatchersOnComment', 'Send mail to watchers whenever comments come in'
'NotifyWatchersOnStatus', 'Send mail to watchers whenever a ticket's status changes'
'NotifyWatchersOnResolve', 'Send mail to watchers whenever a ticket's status changes to resolved. Note that this 
				requires a special action with extra logic'

ScripScope (I'm open to a better name) will contain a listing of queues for which each Action applies and which 
template should be used.

Watchers will contain entries for which email addresses watch which queues and tickets and whethere
the watcher in question is a: Requestor, Cc or Administrative Cc.  Generally, administrative Ccs will
get copies of comments added to a ticket and will not be visible to the end user. Watchers will be able to 
toggle mail notification at a per ticket/queue (whatever's in the table) level.

How does this sound?

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