[rt-devel] Reworking subscriptions

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Thu Mar 23 12:29:06 EST 2000

> > It's still a bit diffuse how you're planning to handle watcher
> > ccs/adm...blah...bccs.  If you're doing it with a special NotifyWatchers
> > action, then there will be a slight design bug in the scheme above as I
> > see it.
> What bug would that be?

Maybe I've misunderstood.  I thought that you, regardless of the scrips,
where to call a NotifyWatchers action which sent mail to Bccs and Ccs with
whatever template they would like.  The problem with that is, that as long
as it's only requestors, Ccs and Bccs in the watcher table, you don't know
who the "queue members" which might want to receive the comments, 
correspondance, etc, are.

> >  Except for that, it's good enough.  It can do all the things we
> > could do in 1.0, and it is more flexible, so it's good enough for 2.0.
> > For 2.1, we need to let individuals limit their subscription to only some
> > few scrips.
> >
> Yeah. I've come to realized that the access-control system for that may be hellish
> and anyway, it's going to slip our schedule a bunch.

The ACL?  Shouldn't be that difficult.  If we cut some corners and offer
not much more than in 1.0 - that is, the current QueueACL table, it should
be pretty simple to check if the user has permission or not on a certain
ticket or transaction object.

In later version I'd really like to see possibilities for setting more
fine tuned ACLs.  I think I have had some ideas here earlier.

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