[rt-devel] Reworking subscriptions

Jesse jesse at pallas.eruditorum.org
Thu Mar 23 12:35:57 EST 2000

On Thu, Mar 23, 2000 at 06:29:06PM +0100, Tobias Brox wrote:
> > > It's still a bit diffuse how you're planning to handle watcher
> > > ccs/adm...blah...bccs.  If you're doing it with a special NotifyWatchers
> > > action, then there will be a slight design bug in the scheme above as I
> > > see it.
> > 
> > What bug would that be?
> Maybe I've misunderstood.  I thought that you, regardless of the scrips,
> where to call a NotifyWatchers action which sent mail to Bccs and Ccs with
> whatever template they would like. 

No. there will still need to be an explicit entry in ScripScope that says to notify watchers.
I think for now, I'm going to cut the per-watcher template settings. maybe later they'll come back.

> The problem with that is, that as long
> as it's only requestors, Ccs and Bccs in the watcher table, you don't know
> who the "queue members" which might want to receive the comments, 
> correspondance, etc, are.

Nope. now watchers can apply to both tickets and queues.

> > >  Except for that, it's good enough.  It can do all the things we
> > > could do in 1.0, and it is more flexible, so it's good enough for 2.0.
> > > For 2.1, we need to let individuals limit their subscription to only some
> > > few scrips.
> > >
> > 
> > Yeah. I've come to realized that the access-control system for that may be hellish
> > and anyway, it's going to slip our schedule a bunch.
> The ACL?  Shouldn't be that difficult.  If we cut some corners and offer
> not much more than in 1.0 - that is, the current QueueACL table, it should
> be pretty simple to check if the user has permission or not on a certain
> ticket or transaction object.
That part doesn't bother me. it's things like "which scrips can this user
subscribe to?" "with which templates?"

> In later version I'd really like to see possibilities for setting more
> fine tuned ACLs.  I think I have had some ideas here earlier.
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