[rt-devel] Thoughts on mail sending for 2.0

Tobias Brox tobiasb at tobiasb.funcom.com
Mon Mar 27 02:45:12 EST 2000

> So, I'm currently wrangling with bits of RT 2.0's mail sending
> capabilities.  When it's sending mail to a group of people, should
> it be sending mail to each recipient individually with the To:
> header set _or_ should it send one message to everyone?

Ideallisticly, I think we should use the latter, but I can see reasons why
the first one might be better.

My suggestion is to separate clearly between the emails sent to external
requestors and the emails sent to misc. "watchers".  The first one should
be sent individually with only the "right" name and email in the subject.
The latter should be sent with a long Cc or Bcc list.  Whether to use Cc
or Bcc should be configurable.

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