[rt-devel] Thoughts on mail sending for 2.0

Rouillard, John RouillardJ at brevard.cc.fl.us
Mon Mar 27 10:07:11 EST 2000

> From: Jesse [mailto:jesse at fsck.com]
> So, I'm currently wrangling with bits of RT 2.0's mail sending
> capabilities.  When it's sending mail to a group of people, should
> it be sending mail to each recipient individually with the To:
> header set _or_ should it send one message to everyone?  If 
> the latter,
> should it explicity list all its recipients or should everyone be
> a blind CC? RT 1.0 explicitly lists everyone and it tends to have
> problems in some environments.

I am in favor of including all methods and letting the user decide via some
mechanism (e.g. associate with the link type, or with the ticket being
replied to).

If you can't do that, I'd do one message and bcc them, for large numbers of
recipients it is more efficient. Individual To lists would be next.

-- rouilj

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