[rt-devel] Re: RT and mod_perl

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Wed Mar 29 22:38:00 EST 2000

On Thu, Mar 30, 2000 at 05:18:30AM +0200, Tobias Brox wrote:
> (rt 1.1 is going to be built around HTML::Mason.  HTML::Mason is geared
> towards mod_perl ... am I the only one that has been happy with
> fastcgi and never bothered to install mod_perl, or will there be more than
> me that will have problems with mod_perl?)
There will be a CGI version of the web handler, also using HTML::Mason.

> I'm trying to install the latest versions of mod_perl, apache and perl ...
> well ... this doesn't look too bright:

I'd be _very afraid of perl 5.6 for now.  But I just insrtalled the latest 
mod_perl and apache last night. it just worked. i ran ./configure in apache
then followed the mod_perl install instrictions. it "just worked"
> make test for mod_perl-1.22:
> Failed 22/33 test scripts, 33.33% okay. 63/86 subtests failed, 26.74%
> okay.
> Well, I think maybe I should manage to find out of this eventually
> somehow.
> It should be possible to run mason as a cgi, do you know how to set this
> up?  It seems like both the current webmux.pl and the suggested apache
> configuration in the README is geared towards mod_perl.
By the time we get to release, I fully plan to bundle a CGI version of the webmux handler. butfor development, mod_perl is faster and easier for me to deal with. but there's _definitely_ a way for mason to run as a cgi...

From the mason FAQ at masonhq.com:

Can I run HTML::Mason via CGI?

   Yes. Masonite Ilmari Karonen uses HTML::Mason under CGI. He has kindly posted the necessary steps to do this on the HTML::Mason mailing list. His
   message can be viewed at http://forum.swarthmore.edu/epigone/mason/gimpswumfrex/Pine.SOL.3.96.990917144751.17640B-100000@simpukka 

   Please note that running HTML::Mason under CGI (or other non-persistent environments) will entail a substantial performance hit, since the perl
   interpreter will have to load, load up HTML::Mason and its supporting modules for every CGI execution. Using mod_perl or similar persistent
   environments (SpeedyCGI, FastCGI, etc.) avoids this performance bottleneck. 

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