[rt-devel] Progress report

Blue Lang blue at calico.gator.net
Tue May 23 15:56:29 EDT 2000

On Tue, 23 May 2000, Tobias Brox wrote:

> It's probably tons and tons of important things I have forgotten and/or
> that won't work and that will show up in the near future.  Maybe most
> important (for most people) is the ACLs, the admin tools and the rt 1.0 ->
> rt 2.0 migration tool (I hope to build it bidirectionally, but I'm not
> sure I will have time for it).

heya folks,

i have been hacking away at rt 1.0 for a few weeks now.. i would like to
see what 1.1 looks like, as far as the webui goes. does anyone have a url
to a publicly viewable copy of it running anywhere?

i just downloaded 1.3.6 (?) from the ftp site, (no cvs behind our
broken-ass firewall :( ) and i'm ecstatic to see you're using mason.. the
code in general looks a lot more clean.

in any case, if we (the company i work for) move up to 1.1, you'll have
another at-work hacker for it.


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