[rt-devel] MySQL use of 'Data'

Frans Stekelenburg gjs at acriter.com
Mon Sep 18 04:55:49 EDT 2000

Dear Jesse,

A MySQL user question about RT....:
At some point the data model and source has been changed so that the
'Transactions' table now
requires a row 'Data'.  Our MySQL (Ver 6.2 Distrib 3.22.21, for
sun-solaris2.6 (sparc))
refuses this fieldname, likely cause it's an internal one.

Thereby, now all through the code one sees 'Data' beeing used, but it
seems not allways
for the same purpose/data type, which makes it VERY confusing and hard
to follow the source code.
We labeled the tablefield Transactions->Data1 (instead of Data), and
tried to figure out which Data in the code to change to Data1 to make it
work. It works (partly) now, but I'm bot sure that we got 'em all....

Probably your MySQL didn't complain about 'Data'?

Still, can you address this matter?

Kind regards,

Frans Stekelenburg
Acriter, the Netherlands

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