"large" attachments (was Re: [rt-devel] rt notes)

J.D. Falk jdfalk at mail-abuse.org
Mon Sep 18 16:33:46 EDT 2000

On 09/17/00, Jesse <jesse at fsck.com> wrote: 

> > 5. Because current large-object interface in postgres is such a pain to
> > work with, I converted all columns to TEXT. However, postgres up to 7.1
> > won't allow you to put >8k of data into one row, which means things won't
> > quite work right. 7.1 is to be released sometime this year. :)
> > 
> *nod* One thing I've been vaguely pondering is the idea of storing "large" 
> attachments on disk, rather than in the database.  This isn't something I'm 
> thrilled with, but it may be necessary to deal with many databases' broken 
> large-object handling.

	Are you thinking of adding functionality similar to stripmime?

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