[rt-devel] Blank Tickets.

John Fisher jfisher at deas.harvard.edu
Fri Aug 17 16:16:03 EDT 2001

I've seen this too.  It seems to be when a multipart email message is sent
- even when all the parts are text. This is somewhat annoying because if
one of the parts is a vcard - which more people are starting to include in
their emails - you don't get anything in the admin email. Another side
effect of this is that the message is not quoted when you reply to it via
the web interface.

I was looking into changing this locally when I get some free time (and
sending in my changes), but if many people are running into this, it might
be an item for Jesse.

What it currently does is only quote/send single part messages that are of
type "text/plain" (in Attachment.pm I think). My thoughts for solutions
were to include all "attachments" that were text and less than some size
(5K for example). Any other thoughts?

BTW: I'm currently using RT 2.0.0 so this may have been fixed in the newer
versions - I'll be upgrading to 2.0.5 (or 6, whatever the latest is) this
weekend to try to fix some other items..


On Fri, 17 Aug 2001, Neil H. wrote:

> I notice that certain emails are created into tickets which are blank.  This
> seems very strange since I am sure the email has a body as I copy each
> incoming email to a mailbox.  Has anyone found anything similar?
> Thanks,
> Neil
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