[rt-devel] Ticket Dependencies within RT

david.sarno at yale.edu david.sarno at yale.edu
Thu Aug 30 06:14:44 EDT 2001

I've been fooling with the dependencies features, and they seem to work 
great.  However, it seems that the dependency links don't actually DO 
anything except sit there passively.  You can close dependant tickets  
while the tickets they depend on are still open (or new), without so 
much as a peep from RT.  

It might be useful to have an option to warn users when they try to 
resolve a ticket that has unresolved or unopen dependencies.  Otherwise 
you could easily imagine scenarios where things get done in the wrong 
order.  If you've ever written a make implementation, you know the order 
in which dependencies are addressed is critical.  Same with tasks in an 
IT office, supermarket, church or even a military installation (many of 
which bases might well consider RT an inexpensive alternative now that 
all the money's going to The Antimissilemissle Missile Project).

I would be happy to look into adding the code for this.  I would also be 
happy to hear that I'm completely wrong about either the idea or the 
fact that it hasn't already been implemented (and I just couldn't figure 
it out).



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