[rt-devel] Ticket Dependencies within RT

david.sarno at yale.edu david.sarno at yale.edu
Thu Aug 30 16:08:11 EDT 2001

>I'd definitely like to see code for this. However, I'd love to see 
>this code in something like a Scrip.. But to do that, we're going to 
>need a new callback so that scrips can be run _before_ the action is 
>committed and some way to signal RT and the user that the action 
>that's going on can't continue.

I think I follow - the Scrip will turn on a check so that every time you 
try to change status of a ticket, it'll make sure the change is ok 
dependency-wise before it commits.  Could this be as simple as adding a 
line of code to the status-change logic that does a simple check which, 
if it fails, doesn't proceed with the change and displays in ListActions 
a message like "Ticket Depends on #35 - Must resolve dependencies before 
closing" ? 

If you're doing it with POST, you could also have another boolean 
variable DEP that prevents the ticket's status from being changed if it 
has dependencies, and produces the message.

I'm not that familiar with how the Scrips work code-wise, but if you 
could point me to the appropriate areas in the code I'll investigate it 
a little more.


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