[rt-devel] Message with vcf attached displays vcf text not message text

Matt Plec matt at nothingreal.com
Wed Dec 5 18:53:27 EST 2001

Hi -

First, we've just recently got RT 2.0.9 running and have started
getting everyone acclimated to it and all in all it's gone over quite
well. Thanks to Jesse and everyone who's contributed for making this

We've had two problems with attachments, though, and yes, I did check
the archives although I might have missed this one in amongst all the
'my attachments are getting dropped'/'look at config.pm' hits.

We are getting emails with .vcf attachments where nothing is displayed
in RT as the body of the message (although the main content and .vcf
attachment are linked for download). A copy forwarded to admincc's
OnCreate has the .vcf text as the body of the message and the original
message not at all a part of this email. I've got a copy of the
original message with the headers if it's of any use. From the
headers, the mailer is listed as "X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.76 [en] (X11; U;
Linux 2.2.16-22enterprise i686)".

Second, we tend to get a lot of text attachments since users send in
project files to illustrate the problem they're having. These can be
several hundred kb of text (if not more) with some very long lines,
which, because it's text, are getting displayed along with the
message. I'd like to leave any attachments as attachments rather than
have them shown in the body of the Display page, if possible. I took a
look at the Transaction.pm file but I'm hesitant to start meddling as
I don't really know anything about the mime structure of a mail
message so I'll probably break one thing to fix another. If anybody's
got any tips, please let me know.

Now off to check the config.pm again, just in case.


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