[rt-devel] You should really get the HTML out the code....

Keith Kwiatek kkwiatek at nist.gov
Mon Feb 12 11:44:50 EST 2001

> >
> > Also, you should really keep track of which "admin user" is displaying
which "request", and notify any other admin users that "such and such admin'
is currently accessing the request record. (timestamp upon select, release
timestamp when admin moves on to another transaction.)
> In my travels, I've not really run into situations where this would have
> been useful.  Can you give me some examples of how this feature can help
> a team get stuff done?
>         Thanks,
>          Jesse

What I am suggesting is basic database ACID compliance. Admittedly, it is
not very easy to achieve in a 3 tier web environment where connections are
stateless, BUT never-the-less I think your application MUST incorporate it
to be taken seriously. Checking a row's timestamp, and updating it
appropriately as each web page is fetched/updated is a common way to take a
"step towards" ACID ....

It is very important to achieve ACID in an application such as yours,
because you will have a "queue' that can potentially be accessed at the same
time by multiple people - you must co-ordinate access to updates of the

Also I think you are not handling "multiple duplicate" requests, where the
user quickly clicks form same button multiple times -you should not execute
the action on the server multiple times....

I might suggest abandoning CGI and go with JSP and the J2EE platform..... I
think much of this could be taken care of in the J2EE environment (JSP HTML
templates, applications sessions, EJB transactions).... CGI is old news.....
"Go Java, Young Man"...

just my two cents.... However, I do appreciate the work you have put into
your application....it shows a great deal of effort.... I certainly have not
found another open source project that does what you do -and I really need
to look at your version 2....BUT actually there is a SUN J2EE specification
for an API that is being worked on for "ticket systems".... this would
standardize and open source "ticket tracking" api for flexible

Hip, Hip,
Keith Kwiatek

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