[rt-devel] RT2 and CGI

Arthur de Jong arthur at West.NL
Wed Feb 21 10:10:35 EST 2001

Is there going to be any support in RT2 for other webservers than Apache? We are currently useing RT1 
under Netscape and are quite happy with it. I was trying out RT 1.3.39 and ran into problems useing 
the Mason code.

Mason can be run from CGI (very poorly documented) and it looks like I got that working under Apache 
(without mod_perl), but perl still complains about some stuff (Mason is useing an uninitialized 
array). I think some initialisation stuff is missing somewhere (probably my fault).

Is there going to be CGI support for RT2 or will RT be Apache-specific?

I found some references in the code to fixed installation locations of rt and perl. There are some 
files wich assume perl is in /usr/bin/perl and rt is in /opt/rt-1-1. If I get this working I will 
mail a full list.

-- arthur de jong - arthur at west.nl - west consulting b.v. --

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