[rt-devel] RT2 and CGI

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Wed Feb 21 10:32:35 EST 2001

It's something I'd like to see happen, but is a lower priority for me than
getting the rest of the codebase 'finished'.

I've done some work on getting RT to run through various CGI based mechanisms.
Right now, speedycgi looks to have the best tradeoffs for RT's purposes.  
Running RT as a plain CGI would be, um, painful.  It's on the order of 15
thousand lines of code that would have to be compiled on the fly.   Speedycgi
forks off a perl interpreter preloaded with the code we're running and has a tincy C cgi which calls into that code.  
        there's actually a semi-functional speedycgi handler in the current
1.3.x releases. It definitely needs work before it's going to be usable.
I'm not planning on holding up 2.0.0 to get a CGI version working, but I'd
be overjoyed if someone had the time to contribute advice or code to get
it working. :)  

On Wed, Feb 21, 2001 at 04:10:35PM +0100, Arthur de Jong wrote:
> Is there going to be any support in RT2 for other webservers than Apache? We are currently useing RT1 
> under Netscape and are quite happy with it. I was trying out RT 1.3.39 and ran into problems useing 
> the Mason code.
> Mason can be run from CGI (very poorly documented) and it looks like I got that working under Apache 
> (without mod_perl), but perl still complains about some stuff (Mason is useing an uninitialized 
> array). I think some initialisation stuff is missing somewhere (probably my fault).
> Is there going to be CGI support for RT2 or will RT be Apache-specific?
> I found some references in the code to fixed installation locations of rt and perl. There are some 
> files wich assume perl is in /usr/bin/perl and rt is in /opt/rt-1-1. If I get this working I will 
> mail a full list.
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