[rt-devel] [rt-announce] RT2 Alpha 4

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Thu Feb 22 01:09:09 EST 2001

I'm proud to announce the release of RT2 Alpha 4. (tagged as RT 1.3.41).

This release features signficant stabilization relative to alpha 3.
A full CLI admin tool has been written. ACLs are now enforced throughout
the system.  Various things have been prettified.  It just generally
_works_ much better than alpha 3 did.

If you're the daring sort, you can suck down the release from


and play around.

If you want to see what's still on our todo list for 2.0, check out
the buglist (which is automatically generated on the fly from the live RT
 database)  at http://fsck.com/rt2/NoAuth/Buglist.html


jesse reed vincent -- root at eruditorum.org -- jesse at fsck.com 
70EBAC90: 2A07 FC22 7DB4 42C1 9D71 0108 41A3 3FB3 70EB AC90

I think co-ordinating 1000 prima donnas living all over the world will be as 
easy as herding cats..." -- Andy Tanenbaum on the linux development model, 1992

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