[rt-devel] a question

Dirk Haenelt Dirk.Haenelt at itl.justiz.sachsen.de
Thu Feb 22 09:27:48 EST 2001

Hello !

Im using your RT. It's grate !

But, is there a answer vor this problem:

1 the cgi's are hard links, but i can't set a hard link over a 
  partition, i have /var/www/cgi-bin and /usr/local/rt i severel parts.

  i have set symbolic links, but then i must change my apache conf for
  the cgi-bin dir, FallowSymLink

2 can i install the email, web, and Sql Part on 3 severel servers ?

  in this time, i have installed email and web on one server,
  but ouer email server is to slow, for apache

good luck and sorry for my ugly english
Dirk Haenelt
IT-Leitstelle JVA Dresden

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