[rt-devel] PHP port of rt?

Alexander Skwar ASkwar at DigitalProjects.com
Tue Feb 27 14:16:41 EST 2001

So sprach Rich West am Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 01:56:22PM -0500:
> Not that I am aware of.. but I have often wondered the same thing. :)  PHP does
> seem like it would be an easier method to use since nearly everything is web &
> MySQL.  The things that would have to be perl or some sort of scripted language

Right - that's a thing I like so much about PHP.  Web and database and .....
is so nicely integrated into PHP.

> would be the mailgate functions (email into the database & etc), plus the CLI
> (command line interface) functions.

Hmm, yeah, suppose so.  I could live with a non existing CLI, since it
wouldn't be used anyway.

> Anyhow, the main thing would be handling the email IN..  Current iterations of
> RT (1.x) save the actual email messages in text files, which almost require

Uh?  Not in a database?  Hmm, that would be one of the things I'd have to

> Oh, and if you know PHP well, Perl won't be that hard to handle.  A lot of the
> PHP commands originated in Perl .. well, maybe that's not accurate.. I am just
> trying to say that a lot of the functions of php translate well to Perl (with
> some slight syntactical differences).

Yes, I had a look at the rt src.  I understood pretty well how things are
done, but there are too many things that I don't know about perl to make a
perl rt a viable solution FOR ME.  It would require me to learn perl very
well and also to understand the complete source of rt.  That's too much
right now (no, I'm not whining, but if I am, I'm just whining about my


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