[rt-devel] PHP port of rt?

Rich West Rich.West at divatv.com
Tue Feb 27 13:56:22 EST 2001

Not that I am aware of.. but I have often wondered the same thing. :)  PHP does
seem like it would be an easier method to use since nearly everything is web &
MySQL.  The things that would have to be perl or some sort of scripted language
would be the mailgate functions (email into the database & etc), plus the CLI
(command line interface) functions.

More rhetorical, but I wonder how many people use the CLI...

Anyhow, the main thing would be handling the email IN..  Current iterations of
RT (1.x) save the actual email messages in text files, which almost require
PERL interaction (PHP file  manipulation is painful at best.. that's not what
PHP was intended for, either).  If the transaction data were saved in MySQL,
that would be another story...

Oh, and if you know PHP well, Perl won't be that hard to handle.  A lot of the
PHP commands originated in Perl .. well, maybe that's not accurate.. I am just
trying to say that a lot of the functions of php translate well to Perl (with
some slight syntactical differences).


> I realize that this may not be the right forum to ask such a question with
> all the perl "gurus" hanging out, and I sincerely appologize for this, BUT:
> Do any of you know if there's a PHP port of rt available?  Or something
> that's neerly as good as rt but in PHP?
> I really like the features that rt has, but I don't speak perl... PHP on the
> other hand is no problem at all for me, and since I'd need to hack up rt
> quite a bit to be usable for me, I'd need it to be in a language I'm good at
> - and that's not perl.
> Well, please no PHP vs. perl flamewar, I'd just want to know if there's
> something like rt available in PHP.

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