[rt-devel] More Feature Request and one Bug

Christian Kurz Christian.Kurz at planNET.de
Tue Jan 16 06:20:13 EST 2001

Hi Jesse, hi to everyone else,

this message is directed to jesse, because he's the author of webrt. But
I also send a Cc to the -devel list, since maybe some readers would also
be interested in this feature or need the same bugfix that I'm searching

So now for the bugreport: I used the available signature patch and
applied it to our rt-installation. Now rt correclty appends the
signature at the end of the text, but it also adds 2 empty lines. I
suppose the function replace_tokens is responsible for this two lines,
but I can't find a fix to remove them. If either you, Jesse, or someone
else has a fix for me, I would really like it.

And now for the features that a colleague wants to have:

- Change webrt so that it is able to handle mail to
  ticket_number at domain_of rt, so that webrt handles it like a comment to
  the ticket itself.

- Add handling of mime-attachments to webrt. There's currently a patch
  called stripmime, but I suspect that it does not fully handle base64
  attachment and other stuff. So I would good to have a routine for
  handling those attachments in rt itself.

- Add handling of qp-encoded mail. Currently webrt is not able to handle
  mail that is encoded with qp. Please add support for qt-encoded mail.

- Format the message from the webinterface better. Currently the
  formatting of a message that is written via the reply or
  comment-button is not very good and generates very long lines. Please
  change webrt so that it formats the message to a proper line length of
  72 characters. 

- Add a formular to the resolve-button, so that if you use resolve to
  resolve a ticket, you have to enter a comment why you resolve it now.

So it would be good to have those features in rt 2.0 and the signature
bug in the current version fixed. So I would like to hear some comments
from Jesse about this mail and comments from everyone else on this list.
And thanks for the great product.


P.S.: How stable is the current alpha of webrt? Can it be used for a
normal production system or not? 
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