[rt-devel] More Feature Request and one Bug

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Mon Jan 22 09:54:09 EST 2001

This is the list you were referring to, right?

On Tue, Jan 16, 2001 at 12:20:13PM +0100, Christian Kurz wrote:
> Hi Jesse, hi to everyone else,
> this message is directed to jesse, because he's the author of webrt. But
> I also send a Cc to the -devel list, since maybe some readers would also
> be interested in this feature or need the same bugfix that I'm searching
> for.
> So now for the bugreport: I used the available signature patch and
> applied it to our rt-installation. Now rt correclty appends the
> signature at the end of the text, but it also adds 2 empty lines. I
> suppose the function replace_tokens is responsible for this two lines,
> but I can't find a fix to remove them. If either you, Jesse, or someone
> else has a fix for me, I would really like it.

Signatures were never really supported in RT1.  But they're already built into
RT2.  The two lines shouldn't be there...

> And now for the features that a colleague wants to have:
> - Change webrt so that it is able to handle mail to
>   ticket_number at domain_of rt, so that webrt handles it like a comment to
>   the ticket itself.
This would require a hacked up mailserver.  it's certainly not outside
the realm of possibility, but I'd need to know more about your setup.
It's unlikely that this feature will get added without corporate sponsorship.

> - Add handling of mime-attachments to webrt. There's currently a patch
>   called stripmime, but I suspect that it does not fully handle base64
>   attachment and other stuff. So I would good to have a routine for
>   handling those attachments in rt itself.

RT2 handles mime email natively, attachments and all.

> - Add handling of qp-encoded mail. Currently webrt is not able to handle
>   mail that is encoded with qp. Please add support for qt-encoded mail.

This comes free with the mime support mentioned above.

> - Format the message from the webinterface better. Currently the
>   formatting of a message that is written via the reply or
>   comment-button is not very good and generates very long lines. Please
>   change webrt so that it formats the message to a proper line length of
>   72 characters. 

I believe that RT2 does this...

> - Add a formular to the resolve-button, so that if you use resolve to
>   resolve a ticket, you have to enter a comment why you resolve it now.

RT2's web interface is completely template driven.  It should be a one-line
change to make RT2 do this at your site.

> So it would be good to have those features in rt 2.0 and the signature
> bug in the current version fixed. So I would like to hear some comments
> from Jesse about this mail and comments from everyone else on this list.
> And thanks for the great product.
> Ciao
>      Christian
> P.S.: How stable is the current alpha of webrt? Can it be used for a
> normal production system or not? 
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