[rt-devel] Problem mailing to merged ticket

Matthew D. Stock stock at cse.buffalo.edu
Thu Jan 18 22:53:12 EST 2001

Matthew D. Stock writes:
 > Using RT 1.0.6, if I use the mail interface to reply to a ticket that has
 > been merged with another, the mail generated has no text in it other than
 > the standard boilerplate/header at the bottom.  The information is
 > appeanded to the correct (merged) ticket however.

I think I found the problem...  In transaction_in, is does a query to pull
up the transaction to mail.  Then it called parse_transation_row, which
stores the results in a hash for the effective serial number.  Since
everything else is using the now-merged serial number to key on, when the
data is read by template_replace_tokens, nothing is returned.

I'm going to try to compose a patch soon.  I think I need to take a look at
how the web stuff is displayed when looking at the "effective" ticket and
make sure that doesn't have the opposite problem.

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