[rt-devel] misc issues

mitch at netline.com mitch at netline.com
Tue Jun 5 18:33:02 EDT 2001


First for the specifics: I'm using RT-1-3-83 right now under FreeBSD 3.5.

Looks like SearchBuilder sure is noisy... I get alot of warnings
of uninitialized values in my RT logs and it apparently does not
disconnect properly as I get tons of:

Database handle destroyed without explicit disconnect at \
   /PATH/site_perl/5.005/DBIx/SearchBuilder/Handle.pm line 219.

(PATH is the path to my perl stuff, not the actually string).

OK, so what prompted me to e.mail in is that I have been unable to
get RT to send out e.mails.  Mail is certainly working fine on the
machine, and paths are set correctly.  I noticed that RT tends
to have all permissions turned off by default, so I added a Scrip
by going to Global->Scrips and adding one:

	OnCreate AutoreplyToRequestor Autoreply 

Which I assumed would autorespond when a request comes in via e.mail
as well as via the web form.  I do get an e.mail when I submit a ticket
via the web, just not when it comes in via e.mail.  Smells like a bug to me.

do svidaniya,


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