[rt-devel] First attempt at importing

Bob Finch bob at nas.com
Thu Jun 7 20:25:54 EDT 2001

>>>>> "Jesse" == Jesse  <jesse at fsck.com> writes:

    Jesse> I look forward to hearing how the import goes with 1.3.95.

So far, importing with 1.3.95 has fixed all the problems I ran into

My latest import hasn't finished yet, it's got about 500 (out of 7575)
tickets to go.  It's been running about 8 hours now -- at the
beginning it was doing 1 or 2 tickets per second, now it is averaging
about 2 tickets per minute, so I'd guess I've got a few more hours to

The setup here is probably the worst possible, though.  RT2 is on one
machine, RT1 is on a second, and the Postgres RT2 database is on a

A couple things I've noticed so far...

Merged tickets don't look right.  Oops, I just looked at the import
script and it looks like it doesn't fix up merged records untill the
end.  Guess I'll have to wait.

The transactions appear out of order on some tickets.  I think this
only happens with tickets that were originally imported from Req.
Maybe "order by trans_date" should be added to the select in

-- Bob

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