[rt-devel] First attempt at importing

Bob Finch bob at nas.com
Fri Jun 8 14:00:02 EDT 2001

>>>>> "Jesse" == Jesse  <jesse at fsck.com> writes:

    > The transactions appear out of order on some tickets.  I think this
    > only happens with tickets that were originally imported from Req.
    > Maybe "order by trans_date" should be added to the select in
    > MigrateTransactions?

    Jesse> Hmmm. That shouldn't be necessary with a standard RT
    Jesse> install. But give that a shot on your local instance. if it
    Jesse> looks like it does the right thing, I'll roll it into the
    Jesse> release.

OK.  I'll try that today.   The problem is just with Req records that
were imported into RT1.  When I do an unordered select in the RT1
database for a serial number that was imported from Req, they appear
in reverse cronological order -- the ones inserted by RT1 are OK.

The import finally finished, but only one ticket was merged.  Looks
like MyMerges is only picking up the first one it's passed. I'm
going to try it again with the following patch:

*** import-1.0-to-2.0	Wed Jun  6 13:15:03 2001
--- import-1.0-to-2.0-test	Fri Jun  8 10:54:35 2001
*** 797,803 ****
  # {{{ sub MigrateMerges 
  sub MigrateMerges {
!     my @merges = shift;
      foreach my $row (@merges) {
  	print "Merging ".$row->{'ticket'} ." into ". $row->{'mergeinto'} ."\n";
--- 797,803 ----
  # {{{ sub MigrateMerges 
  sub MigrateMerges {
!     my @merges = @_;
      foreach my $row (@merges) {
  	print "Merging ".$row->{'ticket'} ." into ". $row->{'mergeinto'} ."\n";

-- Bob

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