[rt-devel] Patch for perl man page location

Robert Shaw rshaw at mxim.com
Wed Jun 13 12:38:30 EDT 2001

I also agree with this and requested that it be changed also. I made a similar
fix for our installation, as I did not want the man pages going into the Perl
site install. Here is a patch file relative to the 1.3.99 release.


On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 09:24:26AM -0500, Christian Gilmore wrote:
> I noticed that the man pages for the RT perl modules are going into the
> site perl installation. I believe it to be appropriate to keep the man
> pages in the same tree as the modules themselves. Below is a patch to the
> Makefile to accomplish placing the man pages in the RT tree.
> 42a43
> > RT_MAN_PATH           =       $(RT_PATH)/man/man3
> 243a245
> >       mkdir -p $(RT_MAN_PATH)
> 253c255
> <         $(PERL) Makefile.PL LIB=$(RT_LIB_PATH) \
> ---
> >         $(PERL) Makefile.PL INSTALLSITELIB=$(RT_LIB_PATH)
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