[rt-devel] Unordered Ticket histories and Add/Delete Watchers

Nobel Tse nobelt at team.outblaze.com
Thu Jun 14 04:52:46 EDT 2001


I found that ticket histories are not ordered properly according to the date 
and time.  I am using ver. 1.3.94.

Also, DeleteWatchers() didn't work for me as I wanted to be able to let the 
user change the requestors during update/reply.

I am using 1.3.94 for testing and will be upgrading the production machine to 
the new version.  The problem is we are expecting at least 5000 requests per 
day.  If we selected to show 25 or 100 tickets per page, we will have to 
press "next" lots of times.  Do you have any suggestions in what platform, 
system configs, etc that will greatly improve and speed up the load time?


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