[rt-devel] Unordered Ticket histories and Add/Delete Watchers

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Thu Jun 14 13:58:05 EDT 2001

On Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 04:52:46PM +0800, Nobel Tse wrote:
> Jesse,
> I found that ticket histories are not ordered properly according to the date 
> and time.  I am using ver. 1.3.94.

Is this from newly created tickets and transactions? Or are they imported?
If so, what was the original source of those transactions?

> Also, DeleteWatchers() didn't work for me as I wanted to be able to let the 
> user change the requestors during update/reply.

In what way did the DeleteWatchers() function call not work for you?

> The problem is we are expecting at least 5000 requests per 
> day.  If we selected to show 25 or 100 tickets per page, we will have to 
> press "next" lots of times.

Um. I suspect that what you're going to want for a load like that is
some custom designed UI to make displaying large numbers of tickets
feasable and and some custom scrips to auto-assign tickets, etc. If this is
for an abuse desk scenario, you might want scrips which automatically associate
or deal with tickets which match certain regexps, etc.  I actually started
looking at this stuff for a large US-based free email provider who wanted
something to magically handle their abuse mail.

There are some things that can be done codewise to speed up the queue display
by prepopulating the DBIx::SearchBuilder caches for Watchers and Keywords,
but they're not really something I'm planning at looking at in the near future
unless a client needs them.

As you build up ticket content it should also be a lot easier for us to see
just what indices are going to help you out at that kind of volume.

> Do you have any suggestions in what platform, 
> system configs, etc that will greatly improve and speed up the load time?

Lots of ram. Lots of processor. 5000 tickets/day is rather higher than RT is
really designed to handle at this point.  At some point, you're going
to want to start looking into migrating 'historical' ticket content to a 
seperate archival database.

> Nobel
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