[rt-devel] "Ticket couldn't be loaded"

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Wed Jun 20 16:00:22 EDT 2001

I've not seen this before.  But i've got a few ideas.

        If you click on the link again after you log in, does it work?
        What is the exact form of the link? (Can you provide an example?)

On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 12:53:30PM -0700, Carl Potter wrote:
> RT-1-3-94
> The transaction notice on ticket creation has a URL to the ticket.  Clicking
> on this URL will give you an RT login prompt.  Logging in will give you
> "Ticket couldn't be loaded".  However, you can get to it easily using the
> "Goto ticket ___" button.  
> The Apache log records this each time as:  "WebRT: Ticket couldn't be loaded
> ()".  This is also true for the RT logs (same exact log entry).
> Other than this RT seems flawless.  Anyone know the answer to this annoying
> problem?
> TIA,
> Carl Potter
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