[rt-devel] RT Feature question.

Olivier Lahaye Olivier_Lahaye-AOL002 at email.mot.com
Tue Jun 26 05:56:54 EDT 2001


I'm new to this list.
I've recently discovered RT, and I find this project realy cool.
I'm using it every days for operation tracking.

But I'd like to use it as a "Distributor Hotline tracker".
Is it possible?

	I mean, is it possible to have a special request form?
For example, If I call SUN for a bug, I'll recieve a "call id" and a
"contact name".
So I'd like to track those "external tickets".

For example, in the "Create request in queue", I'd be very happy to be
able to store:
	- The call id I recieve
	- The contact name
	- The company that is solving my problem
	- The contract number

So my question is: is it possible to have a personalized request forms?
(they could be described with xml files)

If this is not possible without personnal hacking in the code, my
question becomes: is it planed in futures releases (2.1?)

Then, a awesome feature would be (in the Create request queue):
	- By selecting a "maintenance contract" or a serial number, I would
have some special fields associated created (and if possible prefilled)
		example: Selecting 3454M023 as a serial number would create those
			- company: SUN Service
			- contract number: <pre-filled with correct value>
			- hot line phone: <pre-filled with correct value>
			- call-id: <to be filled by requestor>
			- contact name: <to be filled by reqestor>


	Olivier LAHAYE

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