[rt-devel] three patches and comments...

Alex Krohn alex at gossamer-threads.com
Tue May 8 21:15:37 EDT 2001


> > The password came from one of the mysql tools (specifying -p without
> > arguments), and it wasn't obvious which one was wanted.
> Then it needs better documentation ;)  Was this 1.3.70 or a slightly earlier
> release? This got improved somewhat late in the 1.3.6x series....

It was 1.3.70. It would be nice to add some prompts in there asking if
it should create the database, and asking if it should add the user. If
the password is prompted, why do you need the DB_DBA_PASSWORD?

Oh, one other problem we ran into during setup. Our version of
perl/linux would not allow non-root users to run setuid perl scripts. So
if you were not root, then you could not run rt-mailgate. The old
Request Tracker with the C file worked fine as setuid.

Since we are on a dedicated server with only trusted accounts, we ended
up just setting everything 755.



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