[rt-devel] (RT 1.0.7 - SQL) Opening due stalled tickets automatically?

Lorens Kockum rt-dev-id-48 at lists.lorens.org
Wed May 9 09:17:28 EDT 2001

I'm looking for a handy command to run from the command line
(i.e. in a script called from a crontab) that will set to "open"
any tickets that are "stalled" but with a "due" date in the

Is there maybe another way? To my understanding,

	"open" tickets need staff attention
	"stalled" tickets are waiting for non-staff response

I want to be able to set a deadline for non-staff response (when
sending mail, staff member says that if so-and-so hasn't replied
to the e-mail by, say, Thursday, he'll want to look at the
ticket again, and until then he doesn't want to see it).

So I call that setting the ticket status to "stalled" and
setting the due date. I might even make that automatic.

All that's missing is the update script. Anybody have one?
Anybody WANT one?  Why not?

I'm at the stage of

mysql rt <<EOF
update each_req set status='open' where date_due < unix_timestamp() and status='stalled' ;

That works ok.

But I also want the transaction (Status changed to open by
_rt_system).  I'm afraid my SQL hit a limit there (maybe it's
just years of disuse, but still . . .). Can I do it in one
request? If not, ummm, how? Temporary tables?

#include <std_disclaim.h>                          Lorens Kockum

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