[rt-devel] RT 2.0.9pre5 - Time for some field testing

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Nov 6 16:57:08 EST 2001

I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of rt 2.0.9pre5.  This 
release contains everything currently planned for 2.0.9.  I'm currently running
it in production and it seems fairly happy. I'd love to hear how others fare.
I'm currently planning to roll 2.0.9 early next week, without any major changes
unless, of course, anyone discovers a catastrophic bug.

There's a lot of great new stuff in this release that I'm sure many of you
will be excited by.  Read on to find out what's new.


	* Makefile: Bumped version to 2.0.9pre5
	* rt.spec, lib/Makefile.PL, tools/testdeps: Bumped the searchbuilder dependency to 0.47

	* webrt/Ticket/Update.html: Named the ticket update form.
	* etc/config.pm, lib/RT/Handle.pm: Added support for postgres' connections-over-ssl

	* webrt/Admin/Elements/SelectRights: Updated ACL selecting UI to work properly with browsers that try to auto-select a value in a SELECT

	* webrt/Ticket/: Display.html, ModifyAll.html: Fix to not automatically record comments if nothing was typed.
	* lib/RT/Ticket.pm: Fix for duplicated requestors on merge. #791
	* Cleaned up transaction history display to eat less space and be more accurate

	* webrt/: Admin/Users/Modify.html, Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction:

	* Fix for 934: creating users doesn't completely fail (new)

	* lib/RT/Action/SendPasswordEmail.pm: Added an action to mail a password to the user.
	* bin/rt-mailgate: added support to rt-mailgate for putting the queue name in a +extension

	* Tickets which are created in a "resolved" state will now have their "resolved" date set right.

	* lib/RT/User.pm: Started work on "Email password to user"

	* lib/RT/Watcher.pm: Added a patch from Simon Cozens which makes sure that a requestor is always a user, rather than an email address.
	* lib/RT/Keyword.pm: Added a helper Load function to load by Id or Path
	* Template got new helper functions for loading queue and system templates.

	* Brought forward a security fix from 2.0.8_01.  (nonusers could get superuser permissions from the CLI)

	* Fixed a display bug in mytickets and myrequests which prevented clicking on subjectless email
	* Lengthened queue name and email addresses in the default DB schema

	* webrt/Ticket/Update.html, lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm: Now show the current ticket subject by default in the update subject box.  But don't include it in the transaction if it hasn't changed.  

	* Makefile, lib/RT/Ticket.pm: Fixed the "ticket status changes from open to open" bug, thanks to raphael
	at linkvest.

	* webrt/Ticket/Create.html: Some cleanups to the Create form. No new functionality, just a little bit prettier

	* webrt/Elements/SelectTicketSortBy: Elements/SelectTicketsSortBy now uses new list of sortable Tickets fields in Tickets.pm

	* webrt/Search/Listing.html: Column headings in searches are now clicky, where possible

	* webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction: URLs in ticket history should now be clicky

	* Added a hook for sites to put their own html in the top of the "Home" page by overriding Elements/CustomHomepageHeader

	* WebUI refactored SelectQueue to elimintate dupicate code and enable a "too many queues" option

	* Simple fixes to POD from Feargal Reilly to fix complaints from pod2man

	* lib/RT/Tickets.pm: Refactored to provide better access to fields that tickets can be sorted on.

	* etc/: config.pm, schema.Pg, schema.mysql, schema.pm: Added some new indices, based on recommendations from Nobel Tse at Outblaze
	* Started to cleanup config.pm to not use deprecated methods when displaying ticket columns.

	* docs/design_docs/cvs_integration: file cvs_integration was initially added 
	* Refactored images path to have a configurable URL, so it will work with fastcgi ;)
 	* web ui: Added support for timing of page display with &Debug=1

	* lib/RT/User.pm: a fix to allow you to create multiple users with no email address.

	* lib/RT/Tickets.pm: Added sub Due to Tickets.pm. fixes #910

	* tools/cpan2rpm: Added cpan2rpm to the tools directory, for autogenerating rpms of cpan modules

	* Makefile, rt.spec: Added support for autobuilding an rpm with "make rpm"
	* tools/insertdata: Fixed templates to include the ticket subject if it was otherwise blank
	* lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm, webrt/Ticket/Display.html: work on web-based ticket creation. fixed bugs setting due dates, etc

	* lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm: fixed a user creation race condition in the mail gateway

	* webrt/Elements/SelectStatus: use the new status abstraction in the web ui
	* lib/RT/Tickets.pm: internal cleanups

	* tools/initdb: initdb won't whine if you don't set a host
	* docs/design_docs/evil_plans: Added some docs about what 2.2 might hold

	* lib/RT/: Ticket.pm, Queue.pm: Abstracted out status enumeration and validation
	* webrt/Ticket/Elements/EditLinks: added WebPath to fix some links in showlinks
	* webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowHistory: Added an optional bit of configuration to not show the "History" header
	* webrt/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction: Added a new option "Show commands" to show tranasaction

	* Webui: Added support for reenabling deleted queues and keywords
	* lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm: Added code to detect bogus ticket update types
 	* Added support for unit testing

	* Added a test for Database Port definition to stop perl from whining
	* First bits of glue for new RT unit testing infrastructure
	* bin/rt: Documentation cleanups. removing an unnecessary data tainting check
	* Fixes to initacls.Pg to allow installation with Unix Domain sockets
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