[rt-devel] Preserving local customizing

Jay Kramer jay at mojomole.com
Wed Nov 7 11:18:12 EST 2001

You know, I never really looked at that from a picture standpoint, because I
have all my pictures coming from another vhost I have setup in apache, with
non-relative urls..  I've changed the header/footer and a lot of the
internal design elements in RT to match our corporate website as well as
some other software we already use, and serve all the images that way..
Maybe that could be a solution for your problems?  I know its more work to
redo that way, but its worked flawlessly here (ahah, its totally outside the
scope of RT at that point)..  And, I think the Local stuff is just for the
html at this point, because of the refactoring that Jesse did for FastCGI..
I don't even know if the local path works correctly at all with FastCGI (I'd
rather just use mason/mod_perl... it's fine for my needs, I have a big
enough box for it, and have not had any problems.. heh)..  Anyhow, tell me
if this would work, and if you want any help..


> >     There already is a semantic for this... it is the Mason Local Path..
> > Just put your replacement rt.jpg in the same path that it is in, but in
> > local/WebRT instead of just WebRT..  Once there, Mason uses it before it
> > uses the default that was installed..  Also, RT never overwrites these
> This works with html files, but pictures are ignored for some reason...
> Best regards
> Timo
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