[rt-devel] Re: our expirience with RT 2.0.8

Arthur de Jong arthur at West.NL
Mon Nov 19 11:40:55 EST 2001

oops, wrong attachment, that was a working version, this one should be

-- arthur de jong - arthur at west.nl - west consulting b.v. --
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<FORM ACTION="<% $RT::WebPath%>/Ticket/Create.html"><input type=submit value="New ticket in">&nbsp;<& /Elements/SelectNewTicketQueue, Default => $Default &></FORM>
  # 20011119 Arthur/West: try to find some sensible default queue
  my $Default = undef;
  if (defined $session{'tickets'}) {
    # probably far from optimal code but stolen from Tabs
    # if there is a search use queue of first ticket
    my $items = $session{'tickets'}->ItemsArrayRef();
    if ($items->[0] && $items->[0]->QueueObj) {
      $Default = $items->[0]->QueueObj->Id;

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