[rt-devel] SetQueue in Ticket.pm

Edstrom Johan johan.edstrom at sca.com
Mon Nov 19 15:45:32 EST 2001


I've got a rather silly problem and was hoping somebody had
a workaround....

in Ticket.pm when trying to move a case without a owner to a new queue (from
the default)
it'll blow up with a Mason Error as follows:

  line 355:  Can't call method "fetchrow" on an undefined value

context:   ...
351:  my $query = shift;
352:  my @bind_values = @_;
353:  my $sth = $self->SimpleQuery($query, @bind_values);
355:  return ($sth->fetchrow);

I assume it's trying to find the Owner of the ticket?

Is this working as "Designed" or is it a bug.

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