[rt-devel] Random mason errors

Timo Hummel timo.hummel at isg.de
Fri Nov 23 13:08:31 EST 2001


I keep getting some strange Mason errors when implementing a feature in
the "Header" component. The wierdness is, that it works, but here and
then it throws me an error:

error in file: 
line 27: Bareword "new" not allowed while "strict subs" in use
line 27: Unquoted string "new" may clash with future reserved word
line 27: Bareword found where operator expected(Do you need to
predeclare new?)
line 27: syntax error
line 128: syntax error

Here's the affected code:

my $LogoName;
my $LogoPath;
my $Customizing;

if ($session{'CurrentUser'})
$Customizing = new RT::Customizing($session{'CurrentUser'});
$LogoName = $Customizing->GetEffectiveEntity( Entity =>
"Header_LogoName", Default => "rt.jpg");

So the big question is: Why does it throw the error only sometimes and
how can I debug WHEN it throws the error? When I remove the OO stuff (
new RT::Customizing et al), it works. The same code also works without
problems in other components.

Best regards


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