[rt-devel] Thoughts on 2.2

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Oct 9 18:49:24 EDT 2001

Here's the current state of my thinking on 2.2.   This is all subject to change,
unless there's a contractual obligation involved.

This is the "big" stuff. there are a bunch of small tweaks and cleanups.

I know that Canned replies aren't on the list right now.  That functionality,
when it happens, will probably be a drop-in addition using some other 
cool stuff I'm working on.


Should	Make "Owner" a watcher type, rather than a special ticket attribute,
	under the hood.  This wins for ACL and code consistency reasons.

Web UI

Should	New "Tools" top level menu
Should		"This week in RT" at a glance.
Nice		"RT Stats" overview.
Nice	recent and favorite items

per-user configuration

Must	Saveable user preferences.


Must	Ability to define search result format.
should 	Saveable user searches.
nice	Sharable searches.


must	Include more Conditions; at least those contributed so far
	that make sense in my grand scheme of things

should	The name should change to something that people don't think is
	spelled wrong.	("I will not invent words\n" x 1000)

nice	Scrips could apply to a list of queues, rather than just one queue or 
	all of them.

Custom fields

Must	"KeywordSelects" become "Custom Fields"
Should	String and multi-string custom fields.
Nice	Date custom fields
Nice	Some way to order and group custom fields.
Nice	Default values
Nice	Required values
Nice	Make custom fields apply to an enumerated list of queues, 
	rather than just one. 

Web infrastructure

Must	Full fastcgi support.


Should	Better FSSTD conformance:
		bins in /bin
		admin tools in /sbin (does this include rtadmin?)
		ephemeral data in /var
		rename config file	
		force local RT search path?	

Mail gateway

must	Integrate gpg-authenticated command-by-mail mode


should	Use apache logging, if available
should	Use syslog, if available.
should	Mail user new password, as an Action, so it can be invoked either 
	as a scripaction or from the web ui.

Web Services Framework

Should	Expose an API to create a ticket by HTTP posting an XML document.
Should  Provide an RSS feed to display tickets matching certain criteria
Nice	Allow ticket updates via the web ui
Nice	Export full ticket metadata and history as XML

Note: 	I currently favor the REST philosophy that GET and POST to specific,
	defined URLs provides everything one needs to build comprehensive
	web services without the massive added complexity of a SOAP or XML-RPC


Wish	New ACL primitives for:

		List all users who have right "FOO" on object "BAR"
		List all rights user "BAZ" has for object "BAR"
		List all objects for which user "BAR" has right "FOO"

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